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The book, Strategic Privacy by Design authored by Jason Cronk, provides a comprehensive methodology for designing privacy into products, services and processes. It follows a deliberative and systematic approach to identify privacy risks and introduce controls to mitigate those risks. Copies of the book can be purchased from the International Association of Privacy Professionals in both print and electronic editions. Strategic Privacy by Design is an official textbook of the Certified Information Privacy Technologist program. A sample chapter is available from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

An official text book of the CIPT Program.

Book Outline

  1. What is Privacy by Design?
  2. Actors
  3. Violations
  4. Controls
  5. Information Flows, Domains and Subdomains
  6. Consequences
  7. Risk Analysis
  8. Quantifying Risks
  9. Methodology
  10. Final Thoughts

Learning can be fun! The privacy design card game offers players an opportunity to learn about privacy risks and design in a way that reinforces the concepts taught in the book and the class. Using the Tactic cards, up to 5 players can play competitively, shifting risk, or cooperatively, reducing risk for the entire team. At the end of each round, privacy violations (from Dan Solove’s taxonomy of privacy harms) earn adverse consequences (everything from financial harms to incarceration).


Explore on your own. One of the best ways to learn is through exploration, discovery and being self taught. The resources at right should give you a jump start to learning about privacy in general and how to build privacy into your products, services and processes.

The Privacy Wiki is a project dedicated to organizing the world of privacy. It includes laws, regulations, articles about privacy incidents all organized around the Solove Taxonomy.


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