Course Release Date: June 4, 2021

D101 - Privacy Harms

Approximate Length – 60 Minutes

Intended Audience – Privacy Engineers and other Privacy Professionals, Software Developers, Managers, Architects and Engineers.

Lesson Description

Daniel Solove is a professor of law at George Washington University and developed this taxonomy, or categorization, of privacy harms. This lesson walks the learner through the four categories and fifteen specific harms in the Solove Taxonomy of Privacy. 

Learning the potential harms is the first step to identifying organizational behavior that may lead to the harms. 

Learning Areas

Solove Taxonomy of Privacy Harms

  • Information Processing
  • Information Dissemination
  • Collection
  • Invasions

Lesson Objectives

This lesson provides an introduction into identifying privacy harms. Afterwards, participants should be able to properly identify potential areas of concern for privacy. 

This lesson will prepare designers and developers to create interfaces purposefully designed not to manipulate users.