Course Release Date: May 25th, 2022

D131 - Privacy Risk

Approximate Length – 40 Minutes

Intended Audience – Privacy Engineers and other Privacy Professionals, Software Developers, Managers, Architects and Engineers

Lesson Description

How can we assess privacy risk in a reliable and precise way? Qualitative measures are not the best option. Quantitative measures, on the other hand, provide invaluable insights that lend themselves to practical use. This course explains why this is the case, while introducing students to the quantitative Factors Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) methodology. Originally developed to assess information security risk, FAIR is now additionally used to assess privacy risk based on three primary factors (frequency, magnitude, and secondary consequences), along with their respective subcategories of factors, all of which are explored in this course.

Learning Areas

  • Factors Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) 
  • Privacy Risk Assessment and the Importance of Quantitative Measures

Lesson Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should understand the basics of the Factors Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) methodology and its application to privacy risk assessment, as well as the value of using quantitative measures in a privacy risk context.

This lesson will prepare designers and developers to create interfaces purposefully designed not to manipulate users.