Positive Approach to privacy saves time, money and conflict

How do you bake privacy in? You could spend months brainstorming and developing a patchwork of controls, wasting precious time.

You could try to roll your own privacy design methodology, making rookie mistakes that could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can use Privacy By Design Training by one of the world’s leading authorities and author of the IAPP CIPT Textbook, Strategic Privacy by Design.

Privacy Training Packages


Our professional crafted privacy training fits right into your Enterprise Learning Management System

Elite Interactive Video Training

A more interactive and intimate experience by having Jason deliver the training directly to your staff. Perfect for smaller, more advanced or managerial teams,

Live Intensives

Presented in person or online by Jason, our master class in Privacy Design and Threat Modeling lasts from a half day to two days.

Jump Start Your Privacy

Gets your team up to speed on the latest in privacy design

Improve Your Brand

Improves your brand, trust, and reputation through ethical design.

Save Years of Investigation

Saves you years of agonizing research, designless brainstorming, and lost time

This was an excellent and thought provoking introduction to the challenging world of privacy by design… and a brilliant springboard for further work in this exciting area.”

Student Summer '20

Springboard your success with the most in-depth privacy training in the world

We practice what we preach. Everything from our website and material to marketing and forms has been designed with privacy in mind. Privacy by Design training proves to the world that building in privacy never compromises quality.

"This course has expanded my understanding of not only the PbD principle, but the overall approach to thinking about privacy threats and risks. "