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A step up from our pre-packed content for your learning management system, elite video training works best for remotely distributed teams.

While the substantive content of the training is based on our other training material, the exact format of the training is highly tailored to your need, mixing live video instruction, pre-developed material, interactive discussions and take-away exercises.

Scalability is a major factor in deciding exactly how to arrange this. The more participants you need training the more we tend to lean on our SCORM packages. The smaller the team the more interactive it can be using collaboration tools to work through interactive exercises.


From Proxies and Agents, a short lesson in Threat Modeling 

List of Training Topics



Data Minimization


Deceptive Designs

Privacy Notice Design Space

Anonymity/Pseudonymity and



Fuzzy Hashing

Translucent Database


Anonymity, Pseudonymity and De-Identification

Architecture and Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy Architecture

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Secure Multi-Party Computation

Differential Privacy

Privacy Design

Privacy by Design

Privacy Harms

Privacy Design Strategies

Models of Privacy Norms

Design Process

Threat Modeling

Proxies and Agents

Diagramming Threats

Risk Management

Privacy Risk

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