Looking to further develop your career as a privacy professional?

Unlike most training out there, privacybydesign.training is designed for working professionals to achieve their goals in the realm of privacy. 

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Dive in to Strategic Privacy by Design!

This course is designed for working professionals. You should have between 5-10 hours per week to devote to the coursework. While no prior knowledge is presumed, participants should have a fair understanding of how modern organizations work, a basic understanding of technical terms, some level of English fluency, and basic math skills.

Even seasoned privacy professionals will find new concepts and ways of thinking about and addressing privacy as this course takes a different approach than most privacy training out there.

NIST Privacy Framework

Our online self-paced computer based training intensive, involving a deeper dive in the NIST Privacy Framework. Includes the lessons in #1 for a total of 5 lessons (definition, introduction, Core, Profiles, Implementation Tiers, and Implementation), plus exercises, quizzes and a final exam. Students will have access to a Forum to post Questions and receive answer from an Instructor as needed. Expect approximately 8 – 10 hours of work.   

Technology Fundamentals for Privacy Professionals‚Äč

This course is offered as an introduction to technology concepts for privacy lawyers, analysts, and other privacy professionals without technical training. Join our next 2-Hour LIVE Online Training!

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