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Not all of our training goes direct to corporate. We offer numerous training options directly to privacy professionals in a number of settings. We also offer training partners the opportunity to train their clients, customers or privacy professionals in their area.

Upcoming Workshops

Learn from leading global privacy expert Jason Cronk, the author of Strategic Privacy by Design. This full day class turns privacy professionals into privacy by design professionals. The workshop involves a series of highly interactive lectures and small group exercises. Seven sessions take participants through all the elements necessary for including privacy by design in products, services and processes

Workshop Outline

  1. What is privacy? (~ 1 hour)
    An introduction to Solove’s taxonomy of privacy covering information processing, information dissemination, collection and invasions.
  2. Why design for privacy? (~ 30 minutes)
    Discussion on why companies are in a better position to design for privacy than individuals relying on self-help.
  3. Privacy threat modeling (~ 1.5 hours)
    Introduction to the terminology of risk, including threats, vulnerabilities and consequences. Discussion on at-risk individuals, threat actors, relationships between the parties and information exchange.
  4. Risk analysis using FAIR (~ 30 minutes)
    Using factors analysis to quantify privacy risk with a breakdown of factors affecting frequency and magnitude of privacy violations as well as how to measure the severity.
  5. Privacy design strategies (~ 1.5 hours)
    An introduction to the Hoepman strategies and tactics for privacy design.
  6. Residual risk (~ 30 minutes)
    Recap of how the strategies and tactics affect privacy risks.
  7. Design process (~ 1 hour)
    Developing a design process starting with legitimacy, analyzing the appropriateness of design and then determining the adequacy of implementation.

Become A Training Partner

We work with training partners all over the world to deliver quality, professional, privacy design training opportunities. If you’re looking for internal corporate training, consider one of our worldwide training partners. 

If you’re interesting in becoming a training partner, please use the  form on the right. Partners gain access to:

  • Updated training content and material
  • Support from a subject matter expert
  • Access to tips and discussions with other trainers
  • Internet and social media promotion
  • Referrals

There is no annual costs to be a training partner, but individual trainers must be certified annually and attend a trainer specific workshop.