Who we are

privacybydesign.training is a service of Foryte Web Services, Inc. dba Enterprivacy Consulting Group. Contact information in the footer of this website.



Contact Forms

When filling out our contact forms, your information is used to contact you and provide you any requested services. We do not share your information, except for payment, nor use it for other purposes. Communications with you may be stored for up to a year after our last communication. 

To prevent spam, we use hCaptcha, a privacy preserving test to block bots. Please review their privacy notice. https://www.hcaptcha.com/privacy


When we use a payment provider, such as PayPal, we share your information with that provider in order to collect money from you or your organization. The provider may collect additional information and share that with us. We do this in order to get paid.

You can read PayPal’s super long and boring privacy statement

If you would like to make alternative arrangements for payments, please let us know. 


Other notifications about how we handle your privacy may be provided at appropriate times (such as when you register for a course).