NIST Privacy Framework Training

Choose from four different levels: take an introductory lesson to the framework, enjoy our self-paced intensive covering eight topics, advance to a instructor led practicum or schedule a master class on implementing the framework in an enterprise environment.

Introduction to the NIST Privacy Framework

A light Introductory course on the NIST Privacy Framework. This is just a brief intro in the terms and concepts in the NIST Privacy Framework. Two lessons less than an hour. 

NIST Privacy Framework Intensive

An online self-paced computer based training intensive, involving a deeper dive in the NIST Privacy Framework. Includes the lessons in #1 for a total of 5 lessons (definition, introduction, Core, Profiles, Implementation Tiers, and Implementation), plus exercises, quizzes and a final exam. Students will have access to a Forum to post Questions and receive answer from an Instructor as needed. Expect approximately 8 – 10 hours of work.   

NIST Privacy Framework Practicum

This Practicum includes advanced self-paced lessons (privacy maturity models, metrics, ….) but is primarily an instructor led exercise to apply the NIST Privacy Framework in a narrow formulated scenario. Students will be given a scenario, templates and forms in which they will apply the NIST Privacy Framework. The Instructor will lead daily discussions on the work. A final model answer will presented at the end. Expect approximately 10 – 20 hours of work.    

  • Prerequisite: Students must complete the Intensive and pass the final exam 
  • Limited to 20 students 
  • Available twice annually in 2024: May 13th & September 9th 
  • Course lasts one week, mostly self paced with a one hour instructor led discussion each day.  

NIST Privacy Framework Master Class

This class is similar to the Practicum but focused on an Enterprise level offering.  Actors will portray employees at a company from which information must be collected and discussed. The class will take place over slightly over two weeks and three weekends, with daily meetings held. Just like in a real world, students are responsible for scheduling meetings with multiple stakeholders, including other students and the instructor. Expect approximately 20 – 40 hours of work.   

  • Prerequisites: Students must complete the Practicum and pass the final exam.
  • Limited to under 10 students 
  • Available on demand. Students must put up a $250 deposit (valid for one year). Once at least 5 student deposits have been secured, the class will be scheduled. 

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