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Dive into Privacy Design!

This course is offered as an introduction to the concepts of strategic privacy by design over 4 – 5 weeks. Each week you will be provided new material to be done at your own pace including: 

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Online Coursework
  • Quizzes
  • Supplementary Reading Material
  • Weekly Live Instructor Review of Group Assignment
Expect to put in approximately 5-8 hours of study time per week:
  • 3-6 in self-study
  • 1 in team assignment
  • 1 in instructor review



  • To identify privacy harms
  • To apply strategic and tactics to mitigate risk
  • To model privacy threats
  • To assess privacy risks
  • To design systems with privacy in mind



  • Solove Taxonomy of Privacy
  • Hoepman Privacy Design Strategies and Tactics
  • Models of Privacy Norms
  • FAIR Privacy Risk Framework
Official Textbook of the CIPT Program | Learn from the Author!

Go Beyond Classic Training...

Enjoy collaborative online training designed for working professionals to learn on their own time while also working with other students and collogues. We are designed for interaction. You can’t possibly take this course all alone! Course offered only 4 times per year. Secure your spot to explore a world of privacy by design with us today!

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$ 960
  • Engage with fellow student-professionals across the globe in group assignments
  • Learn directly from the author of "Strategic Privacy by Design, Second Edition"
  • Access course content + our ENTIRE library of privacy lessons for up to 1 year!
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Most frequent questions and answers

You will learn the methodology behind strategic privacy by design, a systematic approach to reducing risks and building privacy into products, services and business processes. 

The training includes interactive video lessons, quizzes, group meetings, instructor led live virtual meetings, etc. in order to achieve the course successfully! Students will have a team to discuss assignments in team and instructor meetings that will provide students with the opportunity to look at privacy concerns from another perspective rather than thinking individually.

  • Skill to identify privacy harms
  • Skill to model privacy threats
  • Skill to identify contextual factors
  • Skill to design for privacy 
  • Skill to conduct privacy risks assessments
  • Here is what other students have said:
    • “This course is for practitioners who want to unwind privacy by design. It is useful for building your organisation’s vision of privacy by design and empowers you with techniques to reduce privacy risks.”
    • “This course has expanded my understanding of not only the PbD principle, but the overall approach to thinking about privacy threats and risks”

Privacy is an interdepartmental concern. The privacy profession is growing rapidly and having these skill will make you more valuable to your employer or marketable to new employers. 

Not at all! This course is designed to be accessible to anyone regardless of background in the realm of privacy. We do recommend having a grounding in some basic corporate concepts like databases, corporate policies, and such. 

Quizzes and assignments are not graded but you will provide feedback in order to help you progress. It is expected that you learn every point that is provided by Privacy by Design training. It should be noted that all quizzes and assignments must be done in order to complete the course successfully.

This course can be challenging but also rewarding. The concepts will be new, even for seasoned privacy professionals. Our goal is to see you complete the course with a new, deeper, understanding of privacy and a toolset for building a more privacy-friendly world.

Currently, we offer the course four times a year. 

After successfully completing all course materials, you will earn a certificate of completion. The course is also eligible for CPE credit for the CIPT and CIPM certifications from the IAPP. 

Yes, you can earn continuing education credits towards your IAPP
privacy manager and privacy technologist certification (CIPM and CIPT).
You can also earn CPE credit towards your CDPSE with ISACA.

Although the training system can be followed on a mobile, it’s not optimized for mobile delivery. Completing this course on mobile is not recommended.

In the event of lack of sufficient registration, the course will be canceled and you may request a refund or apply the credit towards the next course.