Technology Fundamentals for Privacy Professionals

Next Training: TBD 2024

Offered Semi-Annually 

Dive into Technology!

This course is offered as an introduction to technology concepts for privacy lawyers, analysts, and other privacy professionals without technical training. This course does not cover any privacy concepts and simply meant as an introduction to technology for those working in the privacy profession.


To Be Determined 2024



  • Fundamentals of Networks (7-Layer Network Model)
  • Internet
  • Mobile Networks and Phones
  • Web Technology
  • Storage Technology
  • APIs (SOAP versus REST)
  • Programming
  • Architecture (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS)
  • Software
  • Cryptography
  • AI – Machine Learning
  • AWS Technology Stack
Syllabus is TENTATIVE and subject to change to reflect the needs of student participants.

Technology Fundamentals for Privacy Professionals is taught by world-renowned experts lead by R. Jason Cronk, a seasoned consultant and engineer with over two decades working across the spectrum from technology to law to development. This course also leverages the experience and knowledge of guest instructors specializing in particular areas of technology.


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